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Connecting Hydrogen Supply and Demand

February 24, 2022 • 11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

Building Blocks for a Hydrogen Economy

You are invited to a panel of leading private sector voices for a conversation on efforts to realize a hydrogen economy, hosted by the CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program.

Hydrogen—an emerging solution to the global climate crisis—is a versatile energy carrier that can be used in a variety of sectors. A hydrogen economy requires coordination among many actors to set up processes for its transportation as well as its production and use. This event will illuminate efforts to connect supply sources to demand centers and users, internationally or within regional systems, via shipping and pipelines. Speakers will also share perspectives on what it takes to advance the transportation of hydrogen.

This event is made possible with the support of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles.

Jane Nakano
Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program

Kiichiro Fujimoto

General Manager, Infrastructure Solution Department, Mitsubishi Corporation

Giovanna Pozzi

Head Renewables & Power Supply For Hydrogen, Snam SpA
VP Clean Energy Innovations, Southern California Gas Co

Akira Muto

Consul General, Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles