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"Conversation on Thin Ice: What You Need to Know about the Changing Arctic Environment"

April 22, 2013 • 7:00 – 8:30 pm EDT

On the occasion of the launch of the 2013 Arctic Summer College, CSIS’s Europe Program and the Ecologic Institute are pleased to welcome Mr. William M. Eichbaum, vice president of Marine and Arctic Policy of the World Wildlife Fund, Mr. R. Andreas Kraemer, director of the Ecologic Institute, and Dr. Kelly K. Falkner, director of Polar Programs of the National Science Foundation for a conversation on the environmental and social impacts of a rapidly changing Arctic.

As we witness record-breaking Arctic sea ice losses and dramatic changes to Arctic ecosystems, concerns increase about an acceleration of change due to the release of methane as well as short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) such as black carbon.  Panelists will discuss the consequences of reduced sea ice extent and thickness and the environmental and policy implications of destabilized and diminished ice sheets for fisheries and shipping, intensified storms and ocean temperatures, acidification, and salinity.

The Arctic Summer College creates a network of emerging leaders and experts that are brought together for 8 weeks in web-based seminars and online discussion fora. The program aims to build a lasting, policy-oriented network of Arctic professionals to strengthen communication between peoples and nations, scientific disciplines, policy areas, and across the science-policy interface to improve environmental governance in the Arctic region. CSIS and WWF, along with IUCN, and the Embassy of Canada, Berlin, are partners in collaboration with Ecologic Institute for the Arctic Summer College.

Heather A. Conley