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Cutting Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas: U.S. and EU Cooperation

July 12, 2023 • 10:00 – 10:45 am EDT

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Methane reductions in the oil and gas sector can help slow the pace of global warming. Regulations to spur methane ecuts in the sector are under development in the United States and the European Union (EU). These rules will have similar objectives but impose different requirements, including how operators measure, report, and verify their methane emissions.

Matthew Baldwin (Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission) and Rick Duke (U.S. Department of State) will discuss the state of transatlantic cooperation on methane reductions and implications for global gas.

Moderated by Ben Cahill (CSIS Energy Security and Climate Change Program). 

This event is made possible by support from Cheniere.

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Photo: ANDER GILLENEA/AFP via Getty Images

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Rick Duke
Deputy Special Envoy for Climate, U.S. Department of State
Ben Cahill
Senior Fellow, Energy Security and Climate Change Program