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Defense Reform in the 21st Century

March 14, 2016 • 4:30 – 7:30 pm EDT

A Defense360 Half-Day Conference

More than two dozen retired military and civilian former top Defense Department officials sign an open letter calling for defense and national security reform. Read the press release here. 

As interest in major changes to the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act has grown in recent months, the CSIS International Security Program is hosting a conference on the contemporary problems facing the defense establishment.

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Panel 1: Guiding Principles for Reform

Beginning with opening remarks from and moderated by:

John Hamre
CSIS President and CEO

Rudy deLeon
Former Deputy Secretary of Defense

Michael Donley
Former Secretary of the Air Force

Sean O'Keefe
Former Secretary of the Navy

Jamie Gorelick
Former General Counsel of the Department of Defense

Admiral William Fallon, USN (Ret.)
Former Commander, U.S. Central Command

General Norton Schwartz, USAF (Ret.)
Former Chief of Staff of the Air Force

Coffee Break

Panel 2: CSIS Analysis on Defense Reform

Moderated by:
Kathleen Hicks
Senior Vice President, Henry A. Kissinger Chair, and Director, International Security Program, CSIS

Andrew Hunter
Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group and Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

Mark Cancian
Senior Adviser, International Security Program, CSIS

Todd Harrison
Director, Defense Budget Analysis and
Senior Fellow, International Security Program, CSIS

This event is made possible by general support to CSIS.

John J. Hamre
CSIS President and CEO, and Langone Chair in American Leadership
Kathleen H. Hicks

Kathleen H. Hicks

Former Senior Advisor
Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), Aerospace Security Project and Defense Budget Analysis