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Energy Transitions Forum: Low-Carbon Pathways for Growth and Sustainability

September 18, 2019 • 4:00 – 6:45 pm EDT

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Countries around the world face the same challenge: provide enough energy to fuel economic growth with optimal social and environmental outcomes.  This means energy must be affordable, secure, and clean.  But each country is in a different stage of development.

For nearly half a decade, the global community has organized around two goals for the energy sector: (1) eradicate energy poverty and (2) combat the effects of global climate change.  Each has become more urgent and complex.  The eradication of energy poverty is not simply about energy access; it is providing modern energy services to the world’s growing and developing populations.  Climate action is not simply about emissions reduction; it is achieving a net-zero emissions economy, tackling local environmental concerns, and fostering a just transition.

This conference will assess where the world stands relative to the dual challenge and discuss areas where real, near-term progress can be made.  It will also serve as the launch of a new, year-long project in which the CSIS Energy & National Security Program will explore strategies to address the dual challenge in several important countries and how public and private sector resources can help achieve these goals.

This event is made possible by generous support from BP.

Sarah Ladislaw

Sarah Ladislaw

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), Energy Security and Climate Change Program

Nikos Tsafos

President and CEO, Energy Futures Initiative; and former Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
Global Director, Energy and Extractive Industries, and Regional Director (Africa), Infrastructure, The World Bank