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On the Future of the Marine Corps: Assessing Force Design 2030

May 16, 2022 • 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT

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Please join the CSIS International Security Program for a panel discussion of the Marine Corps’ force restructure initiative “Force Design 2030.” This initiative, described in a series of documents, emphasizes disaggregated forces operating inside an adversary’s weapon engagement zone, working closely with the Navy, and adding extensive reconnaissance/counter-reconnaissance capabilities. These “stand-in forces” would be light, mobile, and armed with long-range precision strike weapons. Some of the changes―such as the elimination of tanks, reduction in the number of tube artillery units, and cuts to rotary-wing aviation― have raised concerns that the Marine Corps is backing away from its traditional focus on combined arms and global engagement.

Moderating the panel is CSIS Senior Advisor Mark Cancian. Members of the panel include the Honorable Robert Work, former Deputy Secretary of Defense, the Honorable Dov Zakheim, former Undersecretary of Defense (Comptroller), Gen Anthony Zinni (Ret), former commander, Central Command (CENTCOM), and LtGen Paul Van Riper, former commander, Marine Corps Combat Development Command.

This event made possible by general support to CSIS International Security Program.