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History Lessons for the Arctic

December 19, 2016 • 9:00 – 10:30 am EST

What International Maritime Disputes Tell Us about a New Ocean

The emergence of a rapidly transforming Arctic Ocean challenges policymakers as the region holds both great economic promise and fraught environmental change, effectively making the Arctic a modern-day policy laboratory where important lessons for resolving international maritime issues should be better understood. A new CSIS report, History Lessons for the Arctic: What International Maritime Disputes Tell Us about a New Ocean, seeks to draw important historical lessons for the future of Arctic maritime governance by using three international maritime dispute case studies ranging from creating marine protected areas to ensuring freedom of navigation and resolving overlapping maritime claims in the Barents and Ross Seas, as well as the Turkish Straits (the 1920 Spitsbergen Treaty, the 1936 Montreux Convention, and the 1959 Antarctic Treaty and Subsequent Antarctic Treaty System). Please join us for a discussion of history and its modern, geostrategic applications in the Arctic.

This project was made possible by support from the CSIS Brzezinski Institute on Geostrategy.

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Heather A. Conley