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Implications of the EU Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act for U.S. Business

February 9, 2023 • 9:00 – 10:00 am EST

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Please join the CSIS Scholl Chair in International Business for the rollout of its recent report, "Implications of the European Union’s Digital Regulations on U.S. and EU Economic and Strategic Interests," by Dr. Kati Suominen.

In recent months, the European Union has adopted several sweeping digital regulations, such as the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA), while proposing a number of new measures—including the Data Act, the Artificial Intelligence Act, and the Media Freedom Act. These regulations will shape, likely quite dramatically, the environment for doing digital business in Europe and beyond. They will have profound implications on the leading U.S. digital service providers designated by the European Union as “gatekeepers”—large digital services providers that are expected to adhere to regulatory requirements—as well as these companies’ hundreds of millions of transatlantic European business and individual customers. 

Dr. Suominen’s report estimates that the DMA and DSA would have severe negative impacts on U.S. digital service providers, “conservatively entail[ing] some $22 billion to $50 billion in new compliance and operational costs to U.S. digital services providers and forc[ing] them to forego critical business opportunities.” Moreover, “U.S. companies will likely incur new digital services cost increases as a result of the EU policies: if U.S. digital services raised their costs on U.S. companies by just 5 percent due to EU regulation, U.S. companies could incur over $97 billion in new costs, with $45 billion carried by SMEs.” The EU’s Acts can also have significant strategic implications by inadvertently promoting Chinese technologies in Europe. As Congress wrestles with digital regulation issues,  this report is particularly timely.

This event is made possible through generous support from the Computer and Communications Industry Association

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Kati Suominen
Adjunct Fellow (Non-resident), Scholl Chair in International Business
Meredith Broadbent
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Scholl Chair in International Business
Robert Strayer
Executive Vice President, Policy, Information Technology Industry Council
Gerard de Graaf

Gerard de Graaf

Senior EU Envoy for Digital to the U.S. and Head of the EU Office in San Francisco