Integration of the Korean Peninsula

April 7 – 9, 2010

Framework for a Positive Future in the era of East Asia

CSIS President and CEO John Hamre and CSIS Trustee Chong Moon Lee led a delegation to Seoul to launch the Office of the Korea Chair's activities in Korea.  The week-long slate of activities included meetings with senior Korean foreign ministry, Blue House, unification ministry and defense ministry officials, several public events, and the co-hosting of a major international conference.

U.S. Ambassador to Korea Kathleen Stephens hosted a dinner at her residence for the CSIS delegation and members of the Korea Chair advisory board which included the heads of the Federation of Korean Industries, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Korea Investment and Trade Association, and Korea Foundation.  Former foreign ministers and ambassadors Hyun Hong-choo, Han Sung-joo, and Yoon Young-kwan were also in attendance. 

President John Hamre gave a major public address at the Korea Forum, hosted by the Korea Foundation on the "Obama, Korea, and Asia."  The Office of the Korea Chair also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the general secretariat of the National Assembly. 

The major international conference on the Korean Peninsula was hosted by CSIS, along with the Hansun Foundation and Chosun Ilbo, in Seoul from April 7 to April 9.  

Entitled "Integration of the Korean Peninsula: Framework for a Positive Future in the era of East Asia", the meeting brought together experts, policymakers and opinion makers from the United States, China, Japan, and Korea to examine the future of the Korean Peninsula  and to promote pathways for greater cooperation in future relations among the regional powers.  The event was public, held at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. 

CSIS Trustee and U.S. chair of the Korea Chair advisory board Chong Moon Lee  opened the conference with a keynote speech.  Dr. Michael Green, CSIS senior adviser and Japan Chair and Dr. Victor Cha, senior adviser and Korea Chair made presentations. Noted participants included former prime minister Lee Hong-koo, Asahi Shimbun editor in chief Yoichi Funabashi, Professors Ha Young sun and Yoon Young Kwan of Seoul National University, Tom Byrne of Moodys Investor Corp.,  and Fred Hiatt of the Washington Post.  The conference was supported by the foreign ministry, unification ministry, education ministry and sponsored by the Korea Development Bank, Korea Ex-Im Bank, and Korea Foundation.

Victor Cha
Senior Vice President for Asia and Korea Chair