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Is It Me or the Economic System? Changing Chinese Attitudes Toward Inequality: A Big Data China Event

July 8, 2024 • 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT

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This online event, set for July 8, 10:00-11:00 am US ET, highlights new research on a significant shift in popular sentiment in China regarding the causes of economic inequality. The CSIS Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics and the Stanford Center on China’s Economy and Institutions (SCCEI) are releasing a new Big Data China feature explaining growing popular angst in China about the sources of their own economic success or setbacks, and the implications for confidence in China's economy and economic governance for policymakers in China and the rest of the world. Professors Scott Rozelle of Stanford SCCEI and Martin Whyte of Harvard University will discuss their new survey research demonstrating that the Chinese populace increasingly attribute inequality to the economic system rather than individual ability. 

Trustee Chair Scott Kennedy will moderate the discussion of this research, followed by a conversation on the implications for the Chinese economy and U.S. policymakers. Panelists will include Ilaria Mazzocco (CSIS Trustee Chair), Elizabeth Perry (Harvard University), Jessica C. Teets (Middlebury College), and Qin Gao (Columbia University). 

This event is made possible by generous funding from Stanford University.

Scott Kennedy
Senior Adviser and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics
Senior Fellow, Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics
Headshot of Scott Rozelle
Co-Director, Stanford Center on China's Economy and Institutions (SCCEI)
Martin K. Whyte
John Zwaanstra Professor of International Studies and Sociology, Emeritus, Harvard University
Elizabeth Perry
Henry Rosovsky Professor of Government, Harvard University
Qin Gao
Director, China Center for Social Policy, Columbia University