Maghreb Roundtable: U.S. Engagement in the Maghreb

June 12, 2014 • 12:30 – 2:00 pm EDT

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Amanda J. Dory spoke at an off-the-record CSIS Maghreb Roundtable entitled “U.S. Engagement in the Maghreb” on June 12, 2014. Dory shared her view of the major strategic threats facing the United States in North Africa and the Sahel, outlined trends in U.S. diplomatic and military engagement in the region, and commented on the United States’ bilateral and multilateral relationships with partners there. Among the issues Dory discussed in more detail were the fragile security situation in Libya, transnational threats emerging from the Sahel, and concerns about North African fighters participating in the conflict in Syria eventually returning home.

Haim Malka

Haim Malka

Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Middle East Program