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Is North Korea Going to War? The Capital Cable #88

February 22, 2024 • 9:30 – 10:15 am EST

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Is North Korea going to war? There is a recent debate in the expert community of whether Kim Jong Un has made a strategic decision to go to war, as suggested by two experts in January 2024. 

To address this very important question, we bring together three top North Korea experts who have each written recently to address this topic. Join us on February 22 to find out their answers to this question. 

Bruce Klingner specializes in Korean and Japanese affairs as the Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center. Klingner’s analysis and writing about North Korea, South Korea and Japan, as well as related issues, are informed by his 20 years of service at the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Klingner, who joined Heritage in 2007, has testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He recently wrote "Precarious Year Ahead for the Korean Peninsula." 

Sue Mi Terry addressed this issue on Foreign Affairs, "The Dangers of Overreacting to North Korea’s Provocations." 

Victor Cha also addressed this and what to expect from North Korea with data in 2024 in "Slow Boil: What to Expect from the DPRK in 2024."

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Bruce Klingner
Senior Research Fellow, Northeast Asia, The Heritage Foundation
Victor Cha
Senior Vice President for Asia and Korea Chair
Sue Mi Terry profile

Sue Mi Terry

Senior Advisor, Macro Advisory Partners