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Nuclear Weapons: The Growing Risk

December 8, 2021 • 4:00 – 5:00 pm EST

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Over the past 76 years, nuclear weapon delivery systems have become faster, more powerful, and more widespread, and there are more than 13,000 nuclear weapons in nine countries in the world today, with more countries seeking to arm themselves. Moreover, the risk that a leader will make a terrible decision to use nuclear weapons, or that a terrorist could get one, is growing; communications channels between nuclear-armed nations are atrophying; our nuclear weapons and warning systems are facing new cyber-threats; and advances in military technology are proving destabilizing. These factors make it more likely that a leader might make the decision, in a moment of crisis, to use nuclear weapons based on false warnings of a nuclear attack or other miscalculation. Each nation with nuclear arms has a responsibility to reduce the risk of nuclear blunder, and nations must work together to eliminate nuclear risks.

In this event, Senator Sam Nunn, Chairman Emeritus of the CSIS Board of Trustees, will be joined by Secretary Ernest Moniz, former United States Secretary of Energy, to discuss the omnipresent and growing risk of nuclear weapons and how President Biden and the global community can take concrete actions to reduce the likelihood of nuclear launch. CSIS Trustee Bob Schieffer will moderate the discussion.

About the CSIS-TCU Schieffer Series

In honor of and hosted by CBS News legend and CSIS Trustee Bob Schieffer, the Schieffer Series features thoughtful panel discussions with senior officials, lawmakers, journalists, and policy experts to discuss global challenges and critical issues of national security and foreign policy.

Now in its 13th consecutive year, the Schieffer Series is produced by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in partnership with the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, Texas.

This series is made possible with the generous support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF).

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Event Partners

Sam Nunn
Co-Founder and Co-Chair, Nuclear Threat Initiative; and Chairman Emeritus of the Board, CSIS
Bob Schieffer
Former Moderator, Face the Nation, CBS; and Former CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent
Ernest Moniz
Former Secretary of Energy; Co-Chair and Chief Executive Officer, NTI