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Online Event: How to Lose the Information War: A Conversation with Nina Jankowicz

July 14, 2020 • 10:00 – 11:00 am EDT

The Defending Democratic Institutions Project (DDI) invites you to a conversation with Nina Jankowicz on her new book, How to Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict. Drawing from her experiences on the front lines advising Central and Eastern governments on the threat of information warfare, Ms. Jankowicz highlights the many ways in which Western democracies like the United States are failing to effectively counter adversary information operations. This book advances a series of insights and recommendations, but most importantly, it serves as a reminder that we are in need of urgent and immediate course correction. 

Suzanne Spaulding
Director, Defending Democratic Institutions, and Senior Adviser, Homeland Security, International Security Program