Online Event: JoongAng Ilbo-CSIS Forum 2020

December 14, 2020 • 7:00 – 10:15 pm EST

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Morning In America


On November 3, 2020, American voters turned out in record numbers to determine who will lead their country for the next four years in what was arguably one of the most contentious and historic presidential elections in recent history. The outcome of the United States’ 2020 presidential election will have significant consequences for how the U.S. will interact with the rest of the world and with its allies and partners.

To discuss the outcome of the election and its impact on the trajectory of U.S.–ROK relations, scholars, experts, and officials will convene virtually on December 14 (EST)/December 15 (KST) for the tenth annual JoongAng Ilbo-CSIS Forum. Panels will assess the implications of the new administration’s policies on core issues of the U.S.–ROK alliance, including inter-Korean relations, diplomacy, chartering the path forward on North Korea, and navigating the new strategic landscape with China.

This event is co-hosted with JoongAng Ilbo, a leading newspaper in South Korea.

Opening Remarks           
Hong Seok-Hyun, Chairman, JoongAng Holdings; Chairman, Korea Peace Foundation

Welcoming Remarks     
John Hamre, President & CEO, CSIS

Keynote Address            
Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX), Vice Chair, House Foreign Affairs Committee

Session 1: The Alliance after the Election

Kim Sung-han, Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Ahn Ho-Young, President, University of North Korean Studies; Former Korean Ambassador to the United States
Victor Cha, Senior Adviser & Korea Chair, CSIS
Sue Mi Terry, Senior Fellow, CSIS Korea Chair
Yun Byung-se, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

Session 2: The Implications of U.S.-China Competition

Chung Jae-ho, Professor, Seoul National University

Graham Allison, Douglas Dillon Professor, Harvard University
Bonnie Glaser, Senior Adviser for Asia & Director of China Power Project, CSIS
Shin Jung-seung, Former Korean Ambassador to China
Yoon Young-kwan, Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Session 3: Restoring ROK-U.S.-Japan Cooperation

Shin Kak-soo, Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Michael Green, Senior Vice President for Asia & Japan Chair, CSIS
Caroline Kennedy, Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan
Wi Sung-lac, Former Korean Ambassador to Russia
Yu Myung-hwan, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade

This event is made possible by the generous support of JoongAng Ilbo and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

John J. Hamre
CSIS President and CEO, and Langone Chair in American Leadership
Victor Cha
Senior Vice President for Asia and Korea Chair

Bonnie S. Glaser

Sue Mi Terry