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Online Event: Rethinking Global Supply Chains: An Opportunity to Build Economic Security in the Americas

June 25, 2020 • 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT

Please join the CSIS Americas Program for a discussion on how Covid-19 has disrupted global trade, and caused a major rethink of current trading relationships. While Covid-19 is disrupting the global  economy, the pandemic may also have the effect of creating new trade opportunities in the Western Hemisphere, as the United States and others work to shorten supply chains and reduce dependence on China.

Many hemispheric countries enjoy trade relations with the United States codified in free trade agreements, but others do not. Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, along with countries in Central America, among others, enjoy an FTA with the United States. In theory, these countries could all be “beneficiaries” of changing  trade patterns. Covid-19 also potentially creates a geo-economic and geopolitical push for revisiting the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement, or something akin to it.

Experts will address current trade patterns in the hemisphere, the likely shift of supply chains to Latin America, and the potential opportunity for intra-regional trade presented by Covid-19.

This event is made possible through general support for CSIS.

Daniel F. Runde
Senior Vice President; William A. Schreyer Chair; Director, Project on Prosperity and Development
Miguel Braun

Miguel Braun

Former Senior Advisor (Non-resident), Americas Program
Earl Anthony Wayne
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Project on Prosperity and Development
Former Chairman, U.S. International Trade Commission; Senior Adviser, CSIS Scholl Chair in International Business
CEO and Founder, Ansley Consultores; Former Under Secretary of Foreign Trade, Government of Mexico