The Pacific Alliance: An Example of Lessons Learned

July 11, 2013 • 3:00 – 4:00 pm EDT


Carlo Dade
Senior Fellow
School of International Development and Global Studies
University of Ottawa, and
Senior Associate
CSIS Americas Program


Carl Meacham
CSIS Americas Program

With the United Stated expected to shortly join the Pacific Alliance as an observer, the list of interested participants of Latin America's newest trade bloc continues to grow.  Launched in June 2012 by Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru, the Pacific Alliance has quickly gained a reputation as one of Latin America's most earnest attempts at regional integration.  At the same time, the Alliance has strategically positioned itself as the gateway between Asia-Latin America trade.  Despite the headlines the bloc has received, little has been written in-depth on the topic.  What led to its creation?  What have been the bloc's major achievements to date?  What can we expect to see from the group in the coming years?  To answer these questions and more, the Americas Program is pleased to welcome Carlo Dade, co-author of a new report with CSIS Americas Program director Carl Meacham, examining the Alliance.  Join us for this timely and informative discussion.

Open to the public; however, seating is limited.  To RSVP, send name and affiliation to the Americas Program at