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Panel 4: U.S. Cooperation and Engagement in the Pacific Island States

October 13, 2022 • 11:45 am – 12:45 pm EDT

U.S. engagement in the Pacific Islands region could be essential for meeting sustainable development goals and addressing great power competition in the region.

The Pacific Islands States consist of hundreds of island chains scattered across thousands of miles. The region faces unique challenges ranging from climate vulnerability, geopolitical tensions, and state fragility. The United States has increasingly sought ways over the past several years to counter China’s rising influence across developing countries. Some of these efforts are now being directed towards renewed interest in Pacific Island countries. For example Ambassador Caroline Kennedy’s visit to the Solomon Islands and the release of the Strategic Framework for Pacific Island States outlining 2022-2027 priorities for U.S involvement in the region.

Please join CSIS discuss priorities for increased U.S. engagement in the Pacific Island States and how the United States can best partner with key donors, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Japan, and local governments to maximize the impact of sustainable development initiatives.


Conor M. Savoy

Conor M. Savoy

Former Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development