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With Partners Like These: Strategies and Tools for Counterterrorism Cooperation

July 16, 2018 • 3:00 – 4:30 pm EDT
Please join the CSIS International Security Program for a panel discussion on U.S. security assistance and counterterrorism cooperation. Using Dr. Tankel's recent book "With Us and Against Us" as a point of departure, the discussion will focus on the evolution of the United States using security cooperation to work by, with, and through partners. The panel will examine areas of change and continuity from multiple perspectives: the changing nature of the threat; lessons learned from past partnership capacity building experiences; growing reliance on the U.S. military to broker and maintain these partnerships; and the United States' evolving relationships with its counterterrorism partners.

This event is made possible though general support to CSIS.
Director, Security Assistance Monitor, Center for International Policy
Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University

Alice Hunt Friend

Melissa Dalton