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The Rise of Populism: An Ebbing or Flooding Atlantic Tide?

September 26, 2017 • 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT

Populist threats to the values based international system and democratic institutions have grown transatlantically in recent years. Populist movements are active in the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, and Italy. Government officials and leading political figures have too often sought to undermine the independence of democratic institutions, including the media and judiciary, in the name of addressing the popular desires and fears of "the people." The messages of these populist movements and parties are frequently amplified by social media as well as the Kremlin's anti-Western disinformation operations. Please join us on Tuesday, September 26 for an important conversation on the transatlantic rise of populism and ways to combat an increasing retreat from Western liberalism.

Radek Sikorski

Radek Sikorski

Former Distinguished Statesman (Non-resident), Office of the President

Heather A. Conley

Washington Columnist and Commentator, Financial Times; and Author of The Retreat of Western Liberalism