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The Russian Military Forum: Russia's Hybrid War Campaign: Implications for Ukraine and Beyond

March 10, 2015 • 2:00 – 3:15 pm EDT

The CSIS Russia and Eurasia Program is pleased to invite you to a discussion with Dr. Phillip Karber, President of the Potomac Foundation, a defense and foreign policy think-tank. Dr. Karber, who is also a former DOD official and veteran defense analyst, will discuss Russia's "hybrid warfare" campaign in eastern Ukraine. Dr. Karber has traveled repeatedly to eastern Ukraine during the present conflict, and has spoken first-hand with a number of the participants. Dr. Karber will draw on these discussions to elaborate on the techniques of Russian hybrid warfare, evaluate their effectiveness, and explore their implications for both Ukraine and the West.

Moderated by:

Paul Schwartz
CSIS Senior Associate, Russia & Eurasia Program

Remarks by:

Dr. Phillip Karber
President of the Potomac Foundation

Paul N. Schwartz