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Sino-Russian Relations: Evolution, Prospects, and Challenges

May 24, 2019 • 10:00 – 11:30 am EDT

Towards alliance?

Since the widening of Russia's rift with the West in 2014, relations between Russia and China have entered a new stage, characterized by a more robust political, military and economic cooperation. In spite of a number of problems and asymmetries in bilateral relations, the two states’ interdependence has been growing against the background of mounting tensions with Washington. Are the two countries moving closer to an alliance? What has been the balance between political, military and economic cooperation, and what challenges have emerged? What are the driving factors behind Russia's position on China's Belt and Road Initiative and what is the logic of the Greater Eurasian Partnership? Where do Russia's interests in Asia converge and diverge with those of China and what are the implications? Is there room for U.S.-Russia cooperation in Asia and what would that look like?

This event is made possible by Carnegie Corporation of New York.
Jeffrey Mankoff
Senior Associate (Non-Resident), Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program

Anna Kireeva

Associate Professor, Department of Asian and African Studies, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO)