Smart Stimulus?: Potential ramifications for recovery, reinvestment, trade, security and U.S. global leadership.

CSIS’s Scholl Chair in International Business hosted a roundtable discussion with leading CSIS scholars on the Congress’ unprecedented stimulus package and America’s spending and policy priorities as we face the greatest global economic crisis since the Great Depression.

David Berteau 
Senior Adviser and Director, Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group

Robert Ebel 
Senior Adviser, Energy and National Security Program

Charles Freeman 
Freeman Chair in China Studies

Richard Jackson 
Senior Fellow and Director, Global Aging Initiative

James Lewis 
Senior Fellow and Director, Technology and Public Policy Program

Stephen Morrison 
Senior Vice President and Director, Global Health Policy Center

Steven Schrage 
Scholl Chair in International Business

Sidney Weintraub 
Simon Chair in Political Economy
Charles Freeman
Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Economic and Trade Affairs