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Space Security: Issues for the New U.S. Administration

March 22, 2017 • 8:30 am – 4:15 pm EDT

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On March 22, 2017, the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) convened in Washington, DC the fourth conference in its Space Security series, in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). This year’s gathering, entitled "Space Security: Issues for the New U.S. Administration," provided an opportunity to understand the issues facing the Trump Administration in the space domain.

The topics of this year’s conference included:

  • Space Crisis Dynamics
  • Cooperation in Space and Missile Defense
  • The Future of Space Launch
  • Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic Management

Speakers included:

  • Vice Admiral Charles A. Richard, Deputy Commander, U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
  • Jim Bridenstine, U.S. House of Representatives, Member of the House Armed Services Committee
  • Robert Kehler, Gen (USAF, ret.), Former Commander, U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
  • John Hamre, President and CEO, CSIS
  • Roger W. Robinson Jr., Chairman and Co-Founder, PSSI
  • Jana Robinson, Director, Space Security Program, PSSI
  • Thomas Karako, Director, Missile Defense Project, CSIS
  • Todd Harrison, Director, Aerospace Security Project, CSIS
  • Rear Admiral Jon Hill, Deputy Director, Missile Defense Agency
  • Peter Hays, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University
  • William LaPlante, Vice President, Intelligence Portfolio, National Security Engineer Center, MITRE
  • Brian Weeden, Senior Technical Advisor, Secure World Foundation
  • Victoria Samson, Director, Washington DC Office, Secure World Foundation
  • Scott Pace, Director, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University
  • Brett Alexander, Director, Business Development and Strategy, Blue Origin
  • Travis Langster, Vice President, Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI)
  • Kazuto Suzuki, Professor of International Political Economy, Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Andrew Hunter, Director, Defense- Industrial Initiatives Group, CSIS
  • Zack Cooper, Fellow, Japan Chair, CSIS
  • Bhavya Lal, Research Staff Member, IDA Science and Technology Policy Institute
  • Shuji Maeda, Political Counselor, Embassy of Japan in the United States of America
  • John D. Schumacher, Vice President, Washington Operations, Aerojet Rocketdyne
  • Colonel Géraud Laborie, Air Ataché, Embassy of France
  • Claes Hansen, European Space Agency

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John J. Hamre
CSIS President and CEO, and Langone Chair in American Leadership
Tom Karako
Senior Fellow, International Security Program and Director, Missile Defense Project
Todd Harrison

Todd Harrison

Former Senior Associate (Non-resident), Aerospace Security Project and Defense Budget Analysis

Andrew Philip Hunter