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U.S. Fleet Cyber Command: Answering the Evolving Threat

December 2, 2014 • 10:00 – 11:00 am EST

While much is in the news about the national mission and U.S. Cyber Command, the military services’ roles in supporting CYBERCOM as well as their own forces is often less understood. Please join us for a discussion with VADM Tighe about the evolution of the Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command to support strategic and operational missions to overcome the challenges of increasingly advanced cyber threats. The discussion will cover a range of technical and organizational approaches being advanced, and how they aid in 10th Fleet's broad mission as the Navy’s operational authority for cyber, networks, cryptologic/signals intelligence, information operations, electronic warfare, and space capabilities.

Maren Leed

Maren Leed

Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Harold Brown Chair in Defense Policy Studies