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The U.S.-Mexico Border: The Way Forward

February 27, 2017 • 8:30 – 11:00 am EST

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Please join the CSIS Americas Program for a two-part panel discussion examining the way forward for the United States and Mexico on managing our shared land border.  Given the high-profile political moment, our expert panelists will take a step back to reflect on the US-Mexico border’s dual function as a security instrument and also as an entry and exit valve for the massive two-way flows of people and goods in our commercial relationship.  How do we improve security at the same time as managing the nearly US$ 1 billion in trade crosses our land border every day?  What are the current challenges? What is working well at the border and can be replicated in other locations?  What approach would allow the two countries to achieve real results?  Please join us as our expert panelists deep dive into border dynamics and the way forward for the United States and Mexico.  

*Additional Speakers to be confirmed 

Panel One Discussion: Understanding the Border Today: The Bilateral Relationship Security and Commercial Priorities
featuring: Pamela K. Starr, Jose M. García, Michael Huston

Panel Two Discussion: Border Infrastructure: How it Works and Future Models 
featuring: Juan Carlos Villa, Andrew I. Rudman, Matthew Rooney

Please note, should you be attending the virtual webcast, you do not need to RSVP.

Jose M. García

Representative, Mexico's Ministry of Finance, Tax and Customs Administration, Embassy of Mexico

Andrew I. Rudman

Managing Director, Manattjones Global Strategies, On behalf of San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG)

Pamela K. Starr

Director, U.S.-Mexico Network, University of Southern California (USC); Senior Associate, Americas Program, CSIS

Juan Carlos Villa

Regional Manager for Latin America, Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Senior Associate, Americas Program, CSIS

Matthew Rooney

Director, Economic Growth, Head of the North American Competitiveness Initiative, George W. Bush Presidential Center

Michael Huston

Principal Director, Americas Office of Policy, Department of Homeland Security

Kimberly Breier