U.S. Military Health Programs in Africa

The CSIS Global Health Policy Center and the Civil-Military Initiative (CMI), a project of the Office of African Affairs, Office of the Secretary of Defense, held a two-panel conference to discuss the recent evolution, potential future contributions, and unique civil-military partnerships of the Department of Defense HIV/AIDS Prevention Program, AFRICOM’s evolving vision, and related U.S. military health programs that strengthen the continent’s public health sector.  The event convened experts from the military, civil society and public health, and featured discussion of ground-level experience and future HIV/AIDS and health assistance options in a security and military context....

Introduction, Audio (mp3, 00:11:40)


Panel I: U.S. Military Engagement on Health in Africa

Panel I, Audio (mp3, 01:03:23)
Mark Schneider (Moderator)
International Crisis Group


Speakers Include:

COL. Jerome Kim
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

CAPT. Sybil Tasker
Navy Medical Research Unit-3, Cairo Egypt

Erik Threet
U.S. Africa Command Strategy, Plans and Program Directorate, Security Cooperation Division

Mark Schneider (Moderator)
International Crisis Group


Panel II: Joint Civ-Mil Engagement on Health in Africa

Panel II, Audio (mp3, 00:58:34)

Patrick Kelley (Moderator)
Institute of Medicine


Speakers Include:


Ubald Tamoufe
Director for Central Africa, Johns Hopkins Cameroon-GVFI


Peter Lamptey
Family Health International (FHI), IMPACT


Dr. Charles Kiptemas Sigei
Director, South Rift Valley, Kenya, Walter Reed Project HIV Program


RADM. Tim Ziemer (ret.)
U.S. Malaria Coordinator
President's Malaria Initiative


Keynote Address by RADM. Tim Ziemer (ret.)

Keynote, Audio (mp3, 01:00:12)