A Warming Arctic: Regional Drama with Global Consequences

June 16, 2014 • 8:00 – 9:30 pm EDT

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Please join us for a dynamic and insightful presentation on the profound and stunning changes in the Arctic in order to gain a deeper understanding of the dramatic environmental impact of these changes regionally and globally.  From polar vortexes, drought, ice sheet calving, storm severity and ocean acidification, the Arctic is one of earth’s most critical climate links to global weather patterns.  What impact will a warming Arctic have on future economic, security and governance issues in the region and beyond?  What will be the human impact on the approximately 4 million people who live in the Arctic region?  How are these changes impacting Arctic mammals, fisheries and other regional species?  Dr. Winther, who is in Washington to participate in the “Our  Oceans” Conference at the State Department, has generously agreed to offer his expertise on the state of climate change in a new ocean, the Arctic, as well as his perspective on the regional and global consequences of an ever-changing Arctic.
The discussion will be ON the record.
Dr. Jan-Gunnar Winther
Director of the Norwegian Polar Institute
Moderated by:
Ms. Heather A. Conley
Director and Senior Fellow, CSIS Europe Program

Heather A. Conley