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What is the Right Division of Labor between USAID and the Proposed International Development Finance Corporation?

April 6, 2018 • 2:00 – 3:30 pm EDT
Please join us on Friday, April 6 for a public panel discussion on the proposed International Development Finance Corporation. 

The U.S. needs more and better development finance capacities to complement its traditional foreign assistance capacities. As you know, the U.S. Congress has proposed the BUILD Act, new legislation to create a new International Development Finance Corporation to respond to this important need. Regardless of the final organizational arrangements, the proposed IDFC and USAID will need to work closely together. The current version of the BUILD Act addresses this need by proposing the move of USAID's Development Credit Authority (DCA), future enterprise funds, and USAID's Private Capital Group into the proposed IDFC.

This discussion will seek to answer a number of questions: what would be the best institutional arrangement between USAID and the new IDFC? Should DCA, future enterprise funds, and the Private Capital Group move to the new IDFC? What are the benefits and what are the downsides of doing this?

This event is made possible with general support to CSIS. 
Romina Bandura
Senior Fellow, Project on Prosperity and Development, Project on U.S. Leadership in Development
Former Director of the Development Credit Authority at USAID; Co-founder & CEO at Parsyl
Former Executive Vice President of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation; Founding Partner at Total Impact Capital

Mary Ott

Former Mission Director in Egypt and Former Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator in E3 and the Middle East Bureau, USAID
Partner at the Kyle House Group; Former Republican Policy Director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations for Senator Bob Corker