2004-05 Fellows


Keiro Kitagami

Mr. Keiro Kitagami is preparing to run as a Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) candidate for a seat in the next Lower House election. He is head of the DPJ Kyoto 4th district. For 10 years he was with the Ministry of Finance, where he held various positions as Chief of the Coordination Division, Tax Bureau, Assistant Secretary to the Prime Minister, and Section Manager of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries Division, Iwate Prefectural Government.

Tomoyoshi Noda

Dr. Tomoyoshi Noda currently serves as the president of the Institute of Strategic Leadership, a Tokyo-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop leaders among mid-career professionals. He is also on the faculty of Scandinavian International Management Institute in Demark. He has taught at INSEAD in Singapore and France, Waseda University in Tokyo, and University of London.

Yoichi Shiraishi

Mr. Yoichi Shiraishi is currently the Director of Business Advisory Services at KPMG LLP in New York. He took the initiative in launching the business advisory group and has expanded the group to eight members. Prior to this, he was with the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd., which is currently called Shinsei Bank, both in Tokyo and New York for 13 years.