AI in National Security

Unpack AI’s implications for military power and national security in an era of intensifying geopolitical competition.

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Course Date

June 6, 2023


CSIS Headquarters or Virtual



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May 30, 2023


Artificial Intelligence is already revolutionizing how governments and companies compete. The Russian invasion of Ukraine may very well be the first instance of an AI-enabled lethal autonomous weapon being deployed in real-time combat. AI in National Security will unpack the Artificial Intelligence value chain and AI’s implications for geopolitical competition, military power, and national security. You will engage with seasoned practitioners in a full day of interactive seminars, first covering basic principles of AI technology before a comprehensive dive into AI’s uses in military and intelligence applications and the U.S.’s position in global technology competition. Finally, you will learn concrete steps for how different components of the U.S. government can adopt and implement AI to take best advantage of one of the most pivotal and pervasive technological advances of our time. We invite you to join us in person or virtually for this upcoming course. 



  • Understanding AI Technology
    • This session will cover foundational concepts in Artificial Intelligence along with the implications of recent breakthroughs in large-scale language models and generative AI.
  • Military and Intelligence AI
    • Participants will contend with the breadth of military and intelligence applications for AI, their use in warfare to date, and the future implications of autonomous weapons systems through the lens of a case study of autonomous weapons in Ukraine.
  • Geopolitics of the AI Value Chain

    • This session will break down the AI value chain – from semiconductors and data to AI talent and algorithms – and explore the geopolitical implications of each segment. What is the U.S.’s position in each segment of the AI value chain in the context of technology competition with China?

Interactive Exercises

  • Barriers to U.S. Government Adoption of AI
    • This final session explores common challenges faced by different sectors of the U.S. government in adopting transformational AI technologies.

Additional Activities

  • Working lunch and off-the-record discussion with expert about military AI and competition with Russia and China

How to Register

The online application includes a short entry form, statement of interest, brief bio, and resume. Entries will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please note that spaces are limited and the course may fill before the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.


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