CSIS and DINSN Announce the 2021 U.S. National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List

WASHINGTON, November 23, 2021: The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), in partnership with the Diversity in National Security Network (DINSN), is pleased to announce the 2021 U.S. National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List.
Recognizing the importance of representation in the policymaking community, CSIS has joined with DINSN—a bipartisan coalition of national security and foreign policy practitioners committed to diversifying the national security private and public sector—to honor the contributions of diverse practitioners in U.S. national security and foreign policy.
This partnership aligns with CSIS’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, which strengthens its core mission to advance practical ideas to address the world’s greatest challenges.
“We must recognize that diversity and inclusion in national security and foreign affairs leadership is a critical factor in policymaking, ensuring agility and innovation,” said Nicole Breland Aandahl, senior vice president for people and culture at CSIS. “This list dispels the myth that dynamic and diverse leaders in national security are rare.” 
The 2021 U.S. National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List features leaders serving in a range of roles across the fields of journalism, academia, defense, development, diplomacy, veterans policy, politics, think tanks, technology, homeland security, international agriculture, international economics and trade, business, and more. The 50 selected leaders are listed below.

2021 U.S. National Security & Foreign Affairs Leadership List

  • Alexandria J. Maloney
  • Apprecia D. Faulkner
  • Arturo Sotomayor
  • Asha Castleberry-Hernandez
  • Chidi Blyden
  • Christina Tilghman
  • Constance Pruitt
  • Dana Banks
  • David E. White Jr.
  • David Park
  • Eboni ‘Nola’ Haynes
  • Eduardo J. Vargas
  • Evan Davis
  • Gabriel Kohan
  • Geo Saba
  • Hansen Mak
  • Heather Yang Hwalek
  • Indira Ahluwalia
  • Isabel Romero
  • Jadon Marianetti
  • Jamia Jowers
  • Jennifer Atala
  • Jessica Ba Davis
  • Jimmy Anderson
  • Justin K. McFarlin
  • Kimberly McClain
  • Kristen Duquette
  • Kristina Biyad
  • LeRoy Potts
  • Major Brandon J. Archuleta
  • Maritza T. Adonis
  • Michael Cecire
  • Mohammed Soliman
  • Monty McGee
  • Neda Shaheen
  • Negar Mortazavi
  • Oumou Ly
  • Paul Angelo
  • Philippe Nassif
  • Pratima T. Narayan
  • Rachel Thomas
  • Ryan Shelby
  • Saif Khan
  • Sajit Gandhi
  • Shalonda Spencer
  • Shamila N. Chaudhary
  • Shirley Martey Hargis
  • Sylvia Mishra
  • Wardah Khalid
  • Won Palisoul