CSIS Announces Geoeconomic Council of Advisers

Top economists will meet quarterly to share perspectives on global economic trends

WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 31, 2023 – The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) today announced the formation of the Geoeconomic Council of Advisers. Comprised of distinguished economists with expertise across key industries, including semiconductors, real estate, and energy, the Council is chaired by Dr. Kirti Gupta, CSIS senior adviser and vice president and chief economist of global technology at Cornerstone Research.

CSIS’s Geoeconomic Council of Advisers will meet quarterly to share diverse, senior-level perspectives on emerging issues and trends affecting the global economy. Briefs generated from these quarterly discussions will provide policymakers and the public vital insights into shifts in the geopolitical environment that are directly impacting the U.S. economy and national security. The Council will also work towards broader engagement of the public and private sectors to share their perspectives as economists, innovators, and business leaders.

"We are living in an era in which international business and technology are increasingly at the center of geopolitical activity and competition,” said John J. Hamre, CSIS president and CEO. “The Geoeconomic Council of Advisers presents an opportunity for economic leaders from private industry to bring their observations and experiences to Washington, informing the critical policy conversations happening here.”

“The world is at a pivotal moment, with geopolitical clashes driving an intense race for technology and economic leadership. The private sector is integral to the United States' and its allies’ success in this competition, as it is the primary funder of research and engine of innovation,” said Dr. Gupta. “It is imperative the public sector and private sector remain in constant dialogue as industries are reshaped and globalization is reimagined.”

Members of the Geoeconomic Council of Advisers serve in their personal capacities. All opinions, positions, and recommendations expressed are their own.

To learn more about the Council, visit here.

Current members of CSIS’s Geoeconomic Council of Advisers:

Kirti Gupta (Chair), CSIS and Cornerstone Research
Tim Boroughs, Chubb
Elaine Buckberg, Harvard University
Helen Currie, ConocoPhillips
Carolyn Evans, Intel Corporation
Michelle Meyer, Mastercard
Skyler Olsen, Zillow
Tom Orlik, Bloomberg
Nela Richardson, ADP
Michael Schwarz, Microsoft
Mark Zandi, Moody’s Analytics
Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley

The Geoeconomic Council of Advisers will continue to expand and incorporate different perspectives. The above list represents the inaugural members of the Council.

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