CSIS Announces Marshall Program on Science and National Security

WASHINGTON, October 29, 2015 — Today, William O’Keefe, President of the George C. Marshall Institute of Science and Policy and John Hamre, President and CEO of CSIS, announced that the Marshall Institute will dissolve its independent status, transferring its national security research work to CSIS. CSIS will not continue Marshall’s work on energy and climate change.

CSIS’s Marshall Program on Science and National Security will continue to focus on technology issues of significance to our nation’s security. In recent years, the Marshall Institute focused on missile defense. That work will be continued at CSIS by Senior Fellow Dr. Tom Karako.The research agenda for CSIS’s Marshall Program will be guided by an advisory committee, chaired by Dr. Kathleen Hicks, director of CSIS’s International Security Program. Members of the advisory committee will be announced shortly.

“Developments in the world suggest America needs to strengthen its missile defense efforts,” said John Hamre. “The Marshall Institute has been an important voice for many years in bringing analysis to the defense policy community. CSIS is proud to continue this important work, sustaining the 30-year efforts of the Marshall Institute.”


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