CSIS Launches Commission on U.S. Quantum Leadership

WASHINGTON, DC – March 6, 2024 – The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) today launched the CSIS Commission on U.S. Quantum Leadership. Over the next eight months, the commission, organized by CSIS’s Strategic Technologies Program, will prepare a report with concrete recommendations for the next administration on the future of quantum technology in the United States. The report will focus on opportunities for quantum technology integration in U.S. industry and how the United States can strategically position itself as a leader in this area.

Quantum technology is one of the keys to reshaping the digital environment in the next decade. It will be an essential part of the United States’ future innovation economy, as well as its national security, as it enables economic growth and scientific advancement. Well-informed policy decisions are essential to harnessing the capabilities of quantum as a driver of change in the U.S. innovation ecosystem.

The commission’s work will be led by cochairs Admiral Michael S. Rogers (ret.) and Dr. William Joseph Zeng. Admiral Rodgers, a retired four-star admiral, served as the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command and as the 17th director of the National Security Agency. Dr. Zeng is the founder and president of Unitary Fund and a partner at Quantonation. Together, their expertise will harness years of experience in government and industry and encompasses both national security and technical expertise. The commission will be made up of senior experts representing industry (established and early venture), academia, and the sciences. Their varied perspectives will enable the commission to recommend policies that comprehensively address dynamic challenges in the array of sectors impacted by quantum technology.

“The United States now has the opportunity to lead the world in quantum technology,” said Admiral Rodgers, “This technology can both revolutionize industries and protect national security, paving the way for unprecedented innovation and resilience on both economic and strategic fronts. I’m looking forward to serving with members of the commission and using their expertise in science, industry, and national security to help shape policy for one of the most consequential and rapidly evolving technologies of this decade.”

Dr. Zeng, commission co-chair, added: “Quantum technology is forming a critical new industry for the twenty-first century. To race to realize its promise will require scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to engage with government. I'm honored to serve with the members of this commission to help do this and ensure American leadership in the quantum technology industry.”

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