Antonio De La Cruz

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Americas Program

Antonio de la Cruz is the executive director of the Inter American Trends think tank, which provides economic and financial solutions to companies, governments, and multilateral organizations identifying opportunities and facing the challenges to stay competitive in a complex and global economy. De la Cruz has led the processes of transformation of some sectors of the oil industry, reengineering processes, and the integration of oil companies, design, and implementation of the organizational structure of Venezuela state oil company, PDVSA. Mr. De la Cruz is a columnist in different print and digital media firms including, El Nacional of Venezuela, where he has published different articles on political and economic analysis within Venezuela. Mr. De la Cruz is a mechanical engineer (University of Bournemouth) with a master's degree in thermal power from the Cranfield University. He is a distinguished recipient of Arthur Morley Prize (1980), granted by the School of Mechanical Engineers to the best student of the United Kingdom.