Armand Peschard-Sverdrup

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Americas Program
Armand B. Peschard-Sverdrup

Armand Peschard-Sverdrup is CEO of the global consulting firm Peschard Sverdrup International (PSI), which advises transnational companies—with over $20 billion in investments worldwide—from the initial due diligence phase through to mitigating diverse risks and navigating the intersection between public policy and business. Since founding PSI, Peschard Sverdrup has also diversified his country-specific expertise from Mexico to include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Peru—where he and the PSI team have assisted clients do business (at the national, state and provincial, and municipal levels). He has assisted companies from a wide range of sectors—from mining, energy, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications to financial services and banking, defense and aerospace, and transportation and trade—providing him with an invaluable and well-rounded perspective. Prior to founding PSI, Peschard-Sverdrup had a distinguished 14-year career at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). During his tenure at CSIS, he developed expertise in all issues related to Mexico and rose from a position as research assistant to become director of the Mexico Program. His focus on Mexican politics, economics, security, and trade and investment, as well as on the broad range of issues that encompass the complex U.S.-Mexico bilateral relationship, have enabled Peschard-Sverdrup to gain a well-deserved reputation as a foremost expert on Mexico. He has had the distinction of briefing presidents, cabinet ministers, members of Congress and staffers, corporate officers, and boards of directors, as well as testifying before Congress as a Mexico subject matter expert. Peschard-Sverdrup holds an M.A. from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service Center for Latin American Studies, in Washington, D.C., and a B.A. from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.