Bich T. Tran is a PhD scholar at the University of Antwerp and a fellow at Verve Research. Previously, she was a visiting research fellow at the Global Affairs Research Center, the East-West Center, and Ritsumeikan Center for Asia Pacific Studies. Her research interests include Vietnam's grand strategy, Southeast Asian states' relations with major powers, and political leadership. Bich is the author of From ‘Rebalance to Asia’ to ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’: The Development of the U.S.-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership (Asia Pacific Issues, 2019), Presidential Turnover and Discontinuity in the Philippines' China Policy (Asian Perspective, 2019), and the coauthor of Vietnam’s Post-Cold War Hedging Strategy: A Changing Mix of Realist and Liberal Ingredients (Asian Politics & Policy, 2018) with Yoichiro Sato. In addition to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, her work has appeared in ISEAS Perspective, The Diplomat, East Asia Forum, and the Asia Pacific Bulletin, among other platforms. She has served as a reviewer for Asian Politics Policy, Pacific Review, Asian Perspective, and East Asia Forum, as well as a member of the Philippine Strategic Forum’s editorial review board. On July 1, 2021, Bich started her three-year term as a board member and one-year term as vice president for chapters at the East-West Center Participants Association, an international network of over 68,000 professionals who have a past affiliation with the East-West Center.