Carlota G. Encina

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program
Carlota García Encina

Carlota G. Encina is senior analyst for the United States and transatlantic relations at the Elcano Royal Institute, a Spanish think tank; a lecturer in international relations; and a non-resident senior associate with the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). She began her research career focusing on security and defense affairs, in connection with her experience at the Spanish Ministry of Defense. In recent years she has focused on the United States, the transatlantic relationship, and security and defense issues. Her recent research topics also include U.S. foreign and defense policy, the U.S.-Spanish relationship, and U.S. domestic issues, primarily election processes. García Encina has also promoted dialogue between Israel and Spain, coordinating the Spain-Israel Strategic Dialogue since 2018.