Gabriel Coll

Research Associate for Data Science, President’s Office

Gabriel Coll is the research associate for data science with the President’s Office. He plays a lead role in strengthening the center’s analytic capabilities. His data science work focuses primarily on supporting CSIS leadership and improving internal operations. He also chairs the CSIS Service Committee. Before joining the President’s Office, he was the research associate and program manager for the CSIS Defense-Industrial Initiatives Group (DIIG). He began an effort to build tools that make it easier to understand and plan for government investments. This work ranges from designing apps that evaluate tradeoffs in Navy shipbuilding plans to assessing the reliability of U.S. budget projections. Prior to joining DIIG, he worked for the broader CSIS International Security Program, where he supported the development of the Federated Defense Project. His research focused on Asia and the Middle East. In 2013, he graduated from Boston University, where he majored in international relations, business administration, and history. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (with honors in international relations) and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During 2011, he studied at Fudan University in Shanghai.

Contact Information
Email: gcoll [at]
Tel: 202.775.3183