Holly Geffs

Program Coordinator and Research Assistant, Europe Program

Holly Geffs is a program coordinator and research assistant with the Europe Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C., where she researches issues related to Eastern Europe, NATO, international security, and the rise of populism. Previously, she was a legislative intern for a U.S. Senate office with a focus in foreign affairs, as well as an intern for Congressional Relations and the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council. Ms. Geffs received her B.A. in Global Affairs with distinction and honors from Yale where she concentrated in international security. Her academic career included serving as a research assistant for the Yale Genocide Studies Program, leading Students for a New American Politics PAC, consulting for the UNHCR on refugee resettlement in the United States, and competing for the Yale Debate Association.

Contact Information
Email: hgeffs [at] csis.org
Tel: (202) 775-3138