Idayat Hassan is an expert with over 20 years of experience fostering peace, democracy, and development across West Africa. As the former director of the Centre for Democracy and Development, she significantly enhanced the think tank’s global stature. Hassan’s expertise spans addressing regional insecurities through technical advice on peacebuilding and employing strategies like decentralization, de-radicalization, and transitional justice frameworks. Her academic work has illuminated the evolution of threats such as Boko Haram, farmer-herder conflicts, and banditry in Nigeria and West Africa. Recently, Hassan has delved into the nexus of technology and democracy, particularly the impact of social media on political dynamics and public discourse in West Africa. She has studied the risks of internet shutdowns and the challenges of regulating online content. Hassan’s influence extends to election support across Africa, improving electoral integrity and democratic processes in multiple West African countries. Her efforts led to her appointment on a technical working committee by the African Union to formulate digital and social media guidelines for elections. Serving on various national and international advisory boards, Hassan contributes to policymaking on democracy, peace, security, and governance. Her comprehensive approach and in-depth analysis have made her a key figure in addressing complex regional issues in Africa.