Jeff Jonas

Senior Associate (Non-resident), Transnational Threats Project
Associated Programs: Transnational Threats Project

Jeff Jonas is a non-resident senior associate with the CSIS Transnational Threats Project (TNT), where he serves as a member of the Senior Steering Committee, chaired by Judge William H. Webster. Jonas provides expertise and insight on TNT’s wide range of counterterrorism and intelligence-related programming. He is an acclaimed data scientist who thrives on solving some of the world’s most complex business challenges. His systems extract useful intelligence from tsunamis of data. These systems tackle high-profile challenges, including identifying potential terrorists, detecting fraudulent behavior in casinos, connecting loved ones after a natural disaster, and earlier detection of surprise asteroids, to name a few. As founder and chief scientist of Systems Research & Development (SRD), Jonas created Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA), a sophisticated application that integrates diverse data sources, allowing Las Vegas casinos to better understand with whom they are really doing business. This technology caught the eye of In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA, leading to one of two rounds of venture capital for SRD and ultimately led to IBM’s acquisition of SRD in January 2005. Prior to July 2016, Jonas was an IBM fellow and chief scientist of context computing. In that capacity, he led a team focused on next-generation “context computing.” Code-named “G2,” this technology is being used in innovative ways; for example, to modernize voter registration in America in a joint effort with Pew Charitable Trusts, which keeps voter lists up to date and registers more voters, and helping the Singaporean government better protect the Strait of Malacca (which carries half the world’s oil supply and one-third of the world’s commodity shipments) with a maritime domain awareness system. In August 2016, Jonas announced the launch of his next start-up (currently in stealth mode) to further advance context computing and G2.

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