Laurel Weibezahn

Multimedia Producer, iDeas Lab

Laurel Weibezahn is a multimedia producer in the iDeas Lab at CSIS. She produces podcasts focused on a number of political and cultural issues across Asia and the Americas. She also serves as a mentor at CSIS's Journalism Bootcamp. Before joining CSIS, she worked as a journalist at a number of publications. She has covered everything from the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles to the initial Covid-19 outbreak in Seattle. She received her B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania and her M.S. in journalism from the University of Southern California. She joined CSIS in July 2020.

Laurel Weibezahn produces the ChinaPowerThank You For Your ServiceBuilding the FuturePekingology, Theories of Change, The Impossible State, and 35 West podcasts.

Contact Information
Email: lweibezahn [at]