N. John MacGaffin III

Senior Adviser (Non-resident), Transnational Threats Project

John MacGaffin is a senior adviser to the CSIS Transnational Threats Project. For almost 40 years, in positions of significant responsibility within the CIA, on behalf of the FBI, and as a consultant to various government and private-sector entities, he has been involved directly and substantively in matters of intelligence collection, law enforcement, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and security. Mr. MacGaffin served as an officer of the CIA for 31 years, including four assignments overseas as chief of station, primarily in the Middle East, and at CIA headquarters, including as head of strategic planning and evaluation, chief of the Central Eurasian operational division, and associate deputy director for operations, the second-ranking position in the nation’s clandestine intelligence service. After leaving the CIA, he became senior adviser to the director and deputy director of the FBI, with responsibility for long-range enhancement of CIA/FBI relationships and for the development of the FBI’s Five-Year Strategic Plan. Counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and security were the central focus of his responsibilities in this position. Beginning in 1998, he chaired a commission on behalf of the secretary of defense, the director of central intelligence, and the director of the FBI to restructure the national counterintelligence system. That effort, known as CI-21, was established by Presidential Decision Directive 75 signed by President Clinton and implemented by the Bush administration. The commission evaluated security, counterintelligence, and other threats to the U.S. government and private sector in the decade ahead. Since the conclusion of the commission, Mr. MacGaffin has served as a consultant to various government departments (Defense Department, CIA) and corporations (Conoco, Gray Hawk Systems, Niagara-Mohawk, General Dynamics, Veridian Systems International, BAESystems, SAIC) providing advice and assistance in a range of areas including counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and security. He also served as president of AKE LLC, the U.S. component of AKEGroup, an international security company based in the UK. Mr. MacGaffin was a member of the CSIS Global Organized Crime Project and has served on the Defense Science Board Taskforce on Homeland Security and its Taskforce on Intelligence in Support of the War on Terrorism. At present, he provides advice to a number of corporate clients on issues of intelligence, counterterrorism, and security in the world today. He is also a member of the Steering Committee of the CSIS Project on Transnational Threats, serves on the Board of Advisers for the CSIS Open Source Intelligence Network Project, and is intelligence adviser to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, a 30-member panel appointed by the president to provide policy recommendations for critical infrastructure protection.