Nellie Bristol

Senior Fellow, Global Health Policy Center

Nellie Bristol is a senior fellow with the CSIS Global Health Policy Center. Her major reports for CSIS include Global Action toward Universal Health Coverage (January 2014); Do UN Development Goals Matter to the United States? (May 2013); and The U.S. Role in Global Polio Eradication (December 2012). She also writes about U.S. government relations with multilateral organizations, including the World Health Organization and the World Bank Group. Bristol came to CSIS following a long career as a health policy journalist. She spent two decades writing about domestic health policy on Capitol Hill before expanding her coverage to global health in 2005. Bristol has written for top publications in the field including The Lancet, Health Affairs, and Congressional Quarterly, covering HIV/AIDS policy, foreign aid and national security, noncommunicable diseases, and efforts to combat maternal mortality. She has a master’s degree in public health/global health from George Washington University.

Contact Information
Email: NBristol [at]
Tel: (202) 775-3294