Back from the Brink? Arevalo's Inauguration and Democracy in the Americas

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In the months since Bernardo Arevalo's upset victory in Guatemala's presidential elections, a small elite often referred as “the pact of the corrupt,” has tried to derail the president-elect from taking office. In response, the United States imposed visa restrictions on nearly 300 Guatemalan congressmen and business leaders, while the Organization of American States, other international organizations and civil society raised mounting cries to respect the outcome of the election. For the time being, their tireless efforts appear to have paid off, with President Arrevalo taking office on January 14th, but only after a last-ditch effort by members in congress to block him. 

In this episode, Christopher Hernandez-Roy sits down with Ambassador Frank O. Mora, U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States. Together, they shine a spotlight on the efforts of Guatemalan civil society, the OAS and the U.S. to defend democracy from efforts to overturn electoral results. They also look ahead to upcoming elections in the hemisphere, and analyze the role of the United States and OAS in safeguarding election integrity, and resisting democratic backsliding.