Best of 35 West: Sharpening the Democratic Playbook

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Around the world, democratic institutions have come under siege, while consolidation within and between autocratic regimes has accelerated in recent years. As it becomes increasingly evident that autocrats are following a shared ‘playbook,’ it is of extreme importance that democracies build their own set of shared tactics for promoting civil and political rights, defending electoral integrity, and sustaining rule of law.

In this "best of" episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with Christopher Sabatini, Senior Research Fellow for Latin America, the US and the Americas Programme at Chatham House. Together, they outline what the international community can do to push back on rising authoritarianism, and empower democracy defenders. They focus in particular on the case of Venezuela, considering the options available for the opposition, United States, and global democratic community for dismantling Maduro's dictatorial playbook.