Best of 35 West: Taking Stock of International Criminal Court's Investigation into the Maduro Regime

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On April 3, 2023, the Maduro regime denounced the statement by International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan that the ICC would continue to press its investigation into human rights abuses perpetrated by the Venezuelan security forces. This marks the latest bout in a series of exchanges between the regime and the court, as Maduro seeks to undermine the investigation by pretending to address the question of impunity with occasional trials.

In this "Best of 35 West" episode, Ryan C. Berg sits down with José Ignacio Hernández, the former Special Prosecutor of the Interim Government of Venezuela, and a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Center for International Development. Together, they discuss the likely outcomes of the investigation and progress made so far. They also highlight the importance of international criminal investigations for advancing the conversation around human rights and democracy within Venezuela.