Counter-Narcotics in Treacherous Waters

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A shifting global narcotics market has brought on new challenges, with one of the most significant developments occurring in the global cocaine trade, where Europe has emerged as the preeminent destination for these illicit shipments. As drug trafficking organizations pivot their operations to take advantage of the high prices cocaine fetches on the European markets and low penalties for distributors, the Caribbean becomes a more important transshipment point.  The Caribbean’s strategic geography, insufficient port security and interdiction assets, direct connections to Europe, along with criminal networks make this region an appealing transit point for drug trafficking organizations.

In this episode, Christopher Hernandez-Roy sits down with Rufus Ferdinand, Deputy Chief Operations Officer for the Joint Regional Communications Center (JRCC) at the Caribbean Community’s Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (CARICOM IMPACS). Together, they discuss the agency's priorities for confronting shifting criminal dynamics, improving intelligence cooperation, and enhancing technology adoption and training. They also delve into the second-order consequences of narcotics trafficking, especially firearms trafficking in and through the region.